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Getting out the Door

Sometimes getting out the door is the hardest part. Recent weekend morning:

“Hey guys, do you want to go on a hike?”

“No way! We want to play. We are taking our baby and puppy camping.” Girls clamber out the door to the tree fort (think deer stand in backyard designed for kids to play in), along with various “camping supplies” to set up a camp for one baby and her puppy in the tree fort.

The adults in the house meanwhile get their act together — I want to go hiking, DoctorDad wants to go running. We pack a backpack with clothes, shoes and food for the girls, go out the front door and hop into the van. We drive around to the alley (near the tree fort), hop out of the van and run over to the treefort, announcing, “This is a mandatory evacuation. All campers must vacate the area. Please collect your belongings and hop in the shuttle vehicle.”

Girls totally buy in. They get their stuff together and hop into the vehicle, ready to head out for another hike someplace.  Of course we do have to make a few amendments — like the baby has to come along on the hike. Luckily Baby’s Mama brought a carrier,

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  1. chrissoup
    September 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Clever mom!

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