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Today is preschool picture day. We (several preschool moms) seem rather tech savy to be discussing picture day at preschool via facebook.

Here’s what I wrote:

my kid has on a flowered dress + striped (non matching) socks. She feels *great* about herself and we will all smile when we see the picture. And ___other mom____  can pull it out in 10 years and laugh about how that girl wore non-matching clothes on picture day 😛 It also happens to be the dress she wore yesterday because it looks good on her and she asked me after school if she could wear it again tomorrow. She wanted me to wash it but I gave it the old sniff/stain once over and it was put back on a hanger when she took it off for jammies.

I worried all morning that I had forgotten to drop off the cash for the picture. Then I remembered the beautiful part about picture day. L’s teacher reminded me later that they take everyone’s picture. So even if mom isn’t buying pictures L would still practice her smile and feel good while she was doing it.

After reflecting on it all day, my kid feels good about herself and that’s what I want her to show in the picture.  I don’t want her to hate the dress her mother made her wear and when she looks at her picture in 30 years she still feels the scratchy buttons. I also don’t want her to feel like me when I’m getting a posed picture taken: my hair suddenly feels frizzier, red spots appear on my complexion that weren’t there two minutes ago, and my smile is just not quite right.  In the end, we are all fine the way we are.

The message from the day for me is we are enough. No matter the outfit, no matter if I planned on taking the picture or not, we’re the people we are inside.

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