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The past month has been totally crazy. Some of you might have picked up on that from my lack of postings. I made a decision this week to try to make the before school time a very one on one time with my little kid. She has about an hour after big kid leaves with either me or Doctordad. On this particular day we read a little. We ate breakfast together and then I played a game of Bingo with her. By this time it was about 30 minutes to go and I wasn’t yet dressed. So I told her I had to go up and get dressed for the day and then we’d leave. She told me she still wanted to play Bingo. Ok, we could clean it up when I got done.

Apparently she’s ready for one of those church-hall bingo games where you get multiple cards. We played bingo at the swim and tennis club when I was in grade school. I could see the little kid liking that quite a bit.

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  1. TriMomRemade
    February 16, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Oh how did I forget about Bingo? We need to bring this back for game night fun! I too use the morning time for quality time a lot. Working moms find every moment right?

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