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Why am I rethinking this?

March 2, 2011 2 comments

Last week, overwhelmed with Valentines running all over the house, I asked my oldest to sort out her Valentines — just to go through the loot bag and find anything she didn’t want and to make sure she kept the things she did want.

(ok this was the before photo, but you get the point).


She went through the loot bag and sorted out all the envelopes, extra stickers, and pulled all the lollipops, blowpops, crummy gum, and junky candy out (keeping the chocolate for herself). She handed me the stash of candy and said, “Here’s the trash.”

Instead of taking it and pitching it into the trash, what did I do? I said, “Erin are you sure you want me to throw this away?”

duh. I should have taken the candy and run for the trash can.

Luckily she said, “Yes, Mom. I don’t want it. Throw it away.” Apparently we aren’t doing such a bad job at the food eating thing afterall.