August dread.

Every teacher feels it: excitement over the new year, but dread for the structure that comes with going back to work. This year it is enhanced for me by two projects with August deadlines (that I probably should have been working on all year). Today I spent the day running errands. I put these off all year and just finally did them today. Why? Because errands with kids is a pain in the rear.

This morning we:

  • returned unused wood at Home Depot
  • returned stripper wash (yes, its really called that) + pads for stripping paint at Menards.
  • Went to Target: measured kids feet for shoe sizes and picked up a few odds and ends.
  • Dropped off a few items at the women’s resale shop.
  • Sold a few items (but fewer than I was expecting) at the kids’ resale shop.
  • Made a donation of remaining items at Goodwill.
  • Grocery shopping (this wasn’t procrastination, just hadn’t done it yet for the week).

Upon returning home, I dragged out the extension cord and the vacuum and emptied Montana out of my vehicle. Seriously. One large trash bag full + the canister of the Dyson was so full it was no longer sucking.

Finished that project just a smidge early to head to the library to accommodate older child’s voracious reading (worth the lost cleaning to avoid large amounts of boredome complaining this weekend).

Walk dog.

Come home, sit on porch, relax and realize I feel a little better. One big deadline is done and man I had a good day. Now on to deadline #2 which is Sept 1.

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