Turns out I really like figs. Fresh figs, not fig newtons. I ate a lot of fig newtons growing up and well, they are ok, but there are better cookies out there.

A few weeks ago we tried a new recipe:

balsamic vinaigrette, greens, prosciutto-wrapped figs and feta.

No pictures to share, but very tasty. A few of my favorite items, all wrapped into one. I bought some more figs and stuck them in the fridge and I’m sad to report: they molded before I could eat them (4 days). 😦

Categories: What we are eating
  1. chrissoup
    September 30, 2011 at 3:26 am

    Figs get moldy fast; most depressing. If you store them well separated from each other on a plate or tray though, one moldy fig won’t spoil the whole basket.

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