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Parenting tip # 1001: Conversation in the car.

Every good parent knows that the very best time to have a serious, in depth conversation is in the car. Birds and the bees, existence of God, why the principal doesn’t let the fourth grade lunch all at the same time. All of these conversations happened in the car. You have their attention. You want to be listening to that super good story on MPR, but they choose that moment to let you know that they know how twins come into being. (Bonus Parenting tip #1002: mpr archives all their stories. You can catch it later when the kiddos are in bed).



(I got a chance to catch up with Leah’s teacher today at school and heard from her teacher that Leah Lu talked in front of her entire class for the first time today — day four of class).


Me: Did you talk today at school to the class?

Leah: Mama, I was sharing about my summer today and I realized it was a good summer. But with all the good stuff we did, we didn’t sleep in the tent nearly enough. So I didn’t really want to share what we did because I missed the sleeping in the tent.

Me: Yes, I agree. But we did do some fun stuff. Like the beach, a week at Grandma and Grandpa’s, etc.

Leah: Yeah, but next summer we should to make up for it.Two nights was not enough, I miss sleeping in the tent.



Gosh I “get” this kid. Sometimes our kids challenge our very being and stretch us to be better people and sometimes they just remind us that the very core of who we are is good too. Raising Leah Lu is like opening all kinds of childhood wounds and getting a chance to make some of them right. Not all of them are right, but that’s what this parenting thing is all about, isn’t it?

We have friends who annually gauge the quality of their year in their Christmas letter by how many nights they spent in a tent. In one year he was denied tenure and they declared it perhaps their most successful summer: 60+ nights in a tent. He’s since moved on and become a tenured prof at a different institution, but his job does not dictate the success of his life.  B + A are certainly a couple to look up to in terms of quality family life.

Leah and I thought maybe next summer we should shoot for a 6 week trip. We aren’t sure we can convince Erin and DoctorDad to come along, unless of course we stop for a few triathlons and I buy Erin her very own ipod and/or kindle. Personally the cost would be worth it. Maybe Leah Lu and I will road trip it north to visit B + A and their children.

Already pondering where we could go. Just think of the nap possibilities. Nap in a tent, nap in a hammock. Nap with a sweet cuddly 7 year old.  Anyone want a dog for the summer? Then again, maybe Leah Lu and I hit the woods together and leave the rest of the family behind.

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