Years ago (ahem 9? 8?) I recall having a conversation at a kid class (ECFE for the Minnesota readers) about dinner food. Several friends (sharon, missy, that’s you!) were amazed that my family would eat sandwiches for dinner and be satisfied. I don’t claim to be any kind of patenting expert, but it isall in the presentation. Tonight’s dinner?

Wraps. Inside: plain baked chicken +/-
On the side: two tiny pickles and half an avocado.

I present you with the cheering I received. It was all about the stupid toothpick flags I made – one with an L and one with an E. I hope you can make out the hair flying as the kids are jumping up and down.


My dinner? A lovely chopped salad, with baked chicken and bacon bits.

Categories: What we are eating
  1. Melissa Supan
    May 30, 2013 at 1:29 am

    That’s awesome! Now that I am older and much more wise (Ha!), I know that some of our favorite and most memorable family meals consisted of a platter filled with bits of leftovers, eaten poolside. In a pinch, I’ll throw out some rice and edamame and we are good. Well, the kids and I are good, the man in my life might need a bit more sustenance…

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