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Who needs a gym?

March 18, 2014 2 comments

It was a particularly rough afternoon getting someone to shift gears from sitting on the couch to afterschool activity. Between that and this job I have, it cut into my plans to workout today. But having decided on a few athletic goals for the next few months I really wanted to get it in. So we dragged the bike + trainer into the living room for 40 minutes of mind-numbing aerobic activity.


So here’s basically my view and I think a pretty nice window into life as a mom, trying to eek out time to work out.

Note lack of window covering on the back window.

Look closer. See the plastic on the windows. Still.

Look even closer. See unfinished summer project of striping the woodwork of 80 year old finish that came to a screaming halt as soon as we had to close the windows. So that’s first, then a new paint job on the walls/ceiling, then new window coverings. Or maybe, spend that time on the bike outside. Yeah. That sounds better. Soon as the snow melts and we take the plastic off the windows.


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