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One man’s trash…

November 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Yesterday I dropped my old iphone (4) off at a friend’s house. He was looking for an ipod touch — I think to record a little video, to take pictures and occasionally do other internet-y things, but not to place calls.  The old, unconnected iphone will do just that.

Where did this come from? Two years ago I got a new iphone (5) because I didn’t actively research the options for replacing the battery and the battery was going. So when my contract was up I upgraded. A few months after the 5 arrived I realized the full cost. Not just the 200 bucks or whatever Verizon was charging me for the phone, but the behind the scenes hidden contract cost. Cost to replace the battery probably someplace around 80 bucks. Cost of a new phone, off contract: greater than 500 dollars. Also the phone was working. I didn’t need it to do lots of fancy things and it was doing all the things I used it for just fine. So I resolved to use the phone as an ipod.

Kid #2 takes the “ipod” and is instantly on the internet looking for something. Oh, right. It connects to the internet too. hmm.

Stuff old phone in drawer, decide it will be a back up phone. Because, you know, I’m so important I need a backup phone in addition to a land line?  Every time I would open the drawer holding the phone I would see it, be reminded of how silly I felt having a new phone (which is now old enough to be in the same spot as the old phone: needing a new battery).

So when a friend posted on Facebook that he was looking to buy something like this, I saw my chance:  the phone could go to a new home. For less than the price of a used ipod touch (what friend was looking for), a new battery could be installed. I would be breaking the cycle of crazy consumerism. Dropped the phone off and instantly I felt better: my old thing would be reused before it ultimately died and went to the electronics recycler. And learning from this. My phone needs a battery, I’m going to get it replaced and keep it at least another year.

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