Who is Doctor Mama?

I’m the mother of two girls. I’m married to my best friend, Doctor Dad. I am the second of four girls (so I have three sisters). I hold both a PhD and Masters in geology and work mostly part time as a college geology instructor. The longest I have ever lived in one place is 9 years in my current city.

I’m a cross-country skier. I swam competitively for about 18 years. I run for exercise off and on, but the longest I have ever run is a 10 km. I like to do yoga and wish I had more quiet time to do it. I like to experiment with baking and cooking. I can sew. I can knit. I can crochet. I have a hard time sitting still without moving something (hence the knitting thing).

I started this blog because several friends suggested I start blogging. I’m not really sure what all it will be about, but perhaps a continuation of an older, personal blog I’ve published before.

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