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And sleeping kids (It is 7:40am on a weekend).





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so that’s how addition works…..

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Conversation with the kids last night:

Leah: I think you should have another baby. That way I can be the big sister.

Erin: No way, we have enough little sisters around here.

Leah: But if you have another baby, then I could be a big sister and we could be three years apart.

Me: uh, Leah. You’re already six and a half.  To be three years apart (like Erin and Leah are), you would be three when the sibling was born. You aren’t automatically three years apart.

Leah: Oh, yeah. Right. Because 3 plus 0 equals 3. So if A (cousin) was almost seven when K was born, does that mean they are almost seven years apart? Because the baby always starts at zero so when you talk about how far apart someone is you figure out how old the older kid is.

Me: Yes, exactly.


I think we’re ready to bring in symbols, don’t you?

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